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How Does It Work?

    If you are a renter looking for an apartment or house for rent:
    • Compare to the other online rental sites, when they ask you to enter the state and city,
      we already know where you are.

    • When they are still asking what you want,
      we show you a list of available apartments on the map near you that you may like.

    • Move the mouse, click to a new location on the map, such as school, bus stop, train station, any corners or any intersections. All available rental properties nearby will be displayed on the map.

    • When others still try to figure out where is the listing?
      From, you already know your new home will be.

    • Using, you report problems online. Keep track of the progress of repair online. Every repair your landlord performed is logged. It helps you and your landlord solving the problems easily.

    • Every month, you receive an invoice to remind you the rent. At any time, you can review a free e-statement for every payment you make, including the rents, deposits, and interests, online.

    • Your good tenant report from may be as important as a good credit scores from the Credit Bureaus.

    If you are a landlord:
    • Sign up and post your apartments on for free.

    • provides renters with the most intuitive search which can quickly match your units to the right renters.

    • You can download a free Rental Application Form, and Consent Form. You can screen the renters on

    • When you find a tenant, provides you a free Lease form, and a Move-in checklist.

    • is your Tenant relationship and Property Management System. You send invoices to your tenant and record payments regularly. Your tenant can view statement online.

    • Your tenant can report any problem on You and your tenant can keep track of the progress until the problem is fixed.

    • provides a healthy communication between you and your tenants.

    • When the lease is expired and your tenant decides to moves out, use the same move-in checklist for checkout. A close e-statement will be available for your tenant to view online.

    • You can report your tenant. Your good rating will be very helpful for your tenant to find a new place.

    • When an eviction is imminent, you can download a free 14-Day Notice to Quit. We provide you entire procedure of the court hearing and several factors for you to consider. And prepare you for the eviction.

    • A very easy to follow diagram guides you every step throughout the entire rental operations.

      Step by Step Services
Login as a landlord, you can use this free, step-by-step service to run your rental business. All forms, such as Application, Lease, Invoice, 14-Day Notice, etc. are free.
This is a free service. No credit card or any payment are needed.
This is NOT a For Trail Only gimmick.


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